How to Disable UAC Alert for Specific Startup Applications

User Account Control (UAC) is a feature in Microsoft Windows 7 and above versions, that can help you stay in control of your computer by informing you when a program makes a change that requires administrator level permission. UAC works by adjusting the permission level of your user account.

Though UAC is nice feature which provides an extra layer of security to your computer, but sometimes it become an annoying situation when you see a UAC pop-up even for a frequently used program that is launched on Windows startup. Disabling UAC prompt entirely can prove out to be very bad for the security of your computer and hence is high discouraged. In this article we are going to find a solution of disabling UAC prompt for specific application, rather than changing UAC setting globally. 

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Manage Network Profiles on Windows with NETSETMAN

Many of us might have come to a situation when we need to change network settings on our computer based on different locations. Say you need a faster Google DNS at home but while being at workplace you need to configure a different proxy server. Doing this switch between different settings, all the time, is a very complicated task if done manually.

But there is a handy application which can do the task of switching between different network profiles in one click. Here we will cover an awesome software application which can changes network profile in one click.

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Recover Windows Product Key [All Versions]

How many times have you felt the need to recover license key of your Windows Operating System? You must have experienced this sometime, either while reinstalling your computer system or when activating/upgrading your Operating System. If you have purchased and using a genuine license of Windows OS it is very important that you take a backup of your license key and store it in a safe place on external media or backup to a cloud storage.

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How To Recover License Key for Windows 7/Windows 8 and MS Office

There are many times when you need to reinstall your computer system. The reinstall process is usually very swift if you follow the right steps and take proper backups of your important documents, pictures and most importantly of the license key for applications such as your Windows Operating System and Microsoft Office. These license keys come handy when you reinstall those software products on your computer.

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How To View/Backup/Recover Product Keys in Windows

You always install a bunch of applications on your PC and laptop, most common of these being a Microsoft Operating System (Windows 7 / Windows 8) Microsoft Office suite and so on. These applications are essential to almost all the users nowadays.

If you are a computer user who values their software applications and if you use a genuine licensed software (you always should say NO to piracy !), you always need to store the license key and other information for the applications that you pay for. If you want to view, backup or recover the license key and other information about your Windows Operating System and other Microsoft applications like Microsoft Office, then the Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder is the perfect freeware application for your use.

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