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What is a CDN and Why you must use it with WordPress

If you are just an average consumer of Internet, you might not be aware about CDN (Content Delivery Network). They are special services which loads your Facebook profile blazing fast, lets you watch the trending videos on YouTube in 1080 HD resolution without any buffer and let you play Battlefield and other Multiplayer games online with very low latency and ping. Yes that amazing feature that almost all the popular websites deploy is CDN ! Read more »

How to Block Websites the Easier Way in Windows

Discretion and privacy are the most popular trend on the Internet now.  One might not be aware of this, but our every activity is constantly tracked online. Whether it be the websites that you visit, the songs or movies that you stream online, the shopping you do online and much more, all this data is constantly monitored and tracked. One of the most important reason for which your online activity is tracked is because this data is very important to online advertisers. Advertisers use this data to show ads on the websites you visit and these ads are filtered according to your interests and surfing habits.  The privacy of your online activity is very important and you should be aware of how you can protect your activities and identity online. Read more »

Websites to Generate Funny Meme Online

Rage Comics, Meme, Lolcats and fail pics are too mainstream and popular now on the Internet. Online reports state that websites like 9gag and I Can Haz Cheezburger have wasted million of productive hours this year itself  and I testify the same :D. Everyone in your social circle now reads a lot of memes and shares a lot of them with you on Facebook.

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Top Web Apps/Websites to Download MP3 from YouTube Video

YouTube is great to watch and discover new or popular videos. Quite frequently you stumble upon a popular video or the video from your favorite artist or movie, and you wish that you could just listen it forever. This wish can come true only if you can convert your favorite video on YouTube to an MP3 audio file that you can carry around on any device. Yes this is possible and converting any YouTube video to an MP3 audio is very easy. We have given a list of free Web Apps below that you can use to convert any YouTube video to an MP3 audio file. Read more »