Top List of Best Linux Wallpapers for Download

There are 3 categories of computer users on the planet – First swear by the name of Windows, Second kind is awestruck with everything Mac OS and iOS and then there have always been the Linux geeks 🙂

As true with Windows and Mac users, you can very easily spot a Linux geek anywhere on planet. A Linux geek is constantly typing some heavenly commands on the terminal and grinning on the output, he is always boasting about the latest stable version of kernel that he is using and keeps sweating while installing a new application on his distro as he has to compile it from the raw binary ! Does this sound similar to yourself?

Last time we had compiled the top list of gorgeous Windows 8 inspired wallpapers and this time we have compiled the top list of Linux wallpapers, just the way Linux users like it – they are funny, they are geeky and most of them have cute penguins in them.

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Top 10 Android Live Wallpapers

One of the most coolest thing you must have noticed about an Android phone would be the Live wallpapers. They are simply amazing, aren’t they? What’s more? There are 1000s of Live wallpapers in the Android marketplace to choose from. Sadly they range from Justin Beiber live wallpapers to Hello kitty live wallpaper and sakura live wallpaper (I have no clue what that even means).

So just to help you out, here’s our compilation of the top 10 live Android wallpapers that we thought you would definitely love.

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