Top Windows 8 Preview Videos

We had posted earlier that Microsoft has made some drastic changes to features and UI in their Windows 8 OS. Navigating through the new Operating System may seem bit tough for the users who are used to the old look and feel of Windows.

While there is a major group of computer users still upgrading and catching up with the new OS, you should definitely go through the following videos which are put together by early adopters and professionals who have gone through the known and unknown features of Windows 8 :

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Apply a Screen Protector [How To Video]

Do you have a Mobile phone or a Tablet with a big screen and worried about the wear/tear and scratches that it may get eventually? Whether or not your phone has a scratch-resistant screen, you should always consider applying an inexpensive screen protector on it. But here comes our biggest fear ! Most of us do not know how to properly apply a screen protector without any air bubbles, dust or lint creeping in the display screen of our phone.

The video that follows shows you a simple trick using which you can perfectly apply a screen protector on any mobile device without any air bubble or dust. The simple trick shown in the video makes use of the following things – any transparent adhesive tape to fix the protector accurately on the screen, one lint-free cloth to clean the screen surface of any dust and a credit card or any firm plastic card to press and remove the bubbles.

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Top Web Apps/Websites to Download MP3 from YouTube Video

YouTube is great to watch and discover new or popular videos. Quite frequently you stumble upon a popular video or the video from your favorite artist or movie, and you wish that you could just listen it forever. This wish can come true only if you can convert your favorite video on YouTube to an MP3 audio file that you can carry around on any device. Yes this is possible and converting any YouTube video to an MP3 audio is very easy. We have given a list of free Web Apps below that you can use to convert any YouTube video to an MP3 audio file.

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