How To Set Custom Ringtones on your Android Phone

Even if the experience of an Android smartphone maybe good on a Stock ROM, there is always an itch to customize to suit your own needs. One of the basic customization that most of the people like to do is to set their desired ringtone on the phone. Earlier we had posted an article on how you can  set custom ringtone on Windows Phone device. The method works pretty much similar on Android and is one of the easiest method to set your own ringtone on your Android device.

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How To Set Custom Ringtones on Windows Phone

Even if the experience of a smartphone maybe good “out of the box”, but it always feels awesome when you are able to customize a phone according to your choice. One of the starting customization which most of the people like to do is to set their desired ringtone on the phone.

Though there may be several apps available over the marketplace to set a particular media file as ringtone, but there is always an easier way to do the things. In this article we have covered the easiest way to set your own custom ringtone on Windows Phone.

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Use T9 App Dialer for Faster Searching Installed apps on Android

With more powerful Android phones coming in the market and storage space increasing exponentially on phones, keeping crazy number of apps installed on your Android phone is not a problem anymore. It is always a good practise to keep your Android phone clean, but that doesn’t stop you from installing any app you want, does it? Keep installing loads of apps on your Android phone and the next time when you want to find an app to launch, you really have to struggle in your app drawer menu to find that special app which you do not use so frequently.

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How To Solve DVD Drive not Showing up in Windows 7/Windows 8

I upgraded the primary OS on my laptop to Windows 8 a few months back. But just last week I found out that my Windows 8 laptop is not showing up the DVD Drive in “My Computer” anymore. Usage of optical drives have reduced a lot since flash drives and high speed Internet have gained popularity. Nonetheless, I was suspecting that there’s a hardware failure or some other issue with my DVD Drive and wanted to fix it soon.

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Prevent Google from Redirecting You to Local Country Search

Google has many country-specific local domain search pages for users around the world. These local domain search pages can be identified by the TLDs (Top Level Domains) like (India), (United Kingdom) and so on. These local domain search pages provide results which are more relevant to your current location.

If you observer carefully while Googling, when you type in your browser address bar , you are automatically redirected to the Google domain for your country. This can get annoying sometimes when you actually want to perform a broad search and the search from these local domains can restrict your search results. Here is how you can prevent Google from redirecting you to the local domain for your searches :

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