Creative ways in which Businesses are using Tablets

Tablets have become extremely useful tools in business of late. Businesses are now using mobile devices to gather data on customer habits as well as equipping staff with them when they are working remotely or on-the-go. In this post we are going to cover some of the creative ways in which businesses are leveraging the power of tablets to boost productivity and profits.

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Apply a Screen Protector [How To Video]

Do you have a Mobile phone or a Tablet with a big screen and worried about the wear/tear and scratches that it may get eventually? Whether or not your phone has a scratch-resistant screen, you should always consider applying an inexpensive screen protector on it. But here comes our biggest fear ! Most of us do not know how to properly apply a screen protector without any air bubbles, dust or lint creeping in the display screen of our phone.

The video that follows shows you a simple trick using which you can perfectly apply a screen protector on any mobile device without any air bubble or dust. The simple trick shown in the video makes use of the following things – any transparent adhesive tape to fix the protector accurately on the screen, one lint-free cloth to clean the screen surface of any dust and a credit card or any firm plastic card to press and remove the bubbles.

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List of best Android Tablet apps

Android tablets are not pre-loaded with all the cool apps as iPad is out-of-the-box. But most probably the main reason why you opted for an Android tablet and not an iPad in the first place would surely be the big choice of apps in the Android Marketplace, the apps specially developed for tablets.

With a version of the Android OS specially designed for tablets (Honeycomb) you can be sure to find that perfect app for your specific need, even if it doesn’t come installed with your tablet from the factory. Android Marketplace is big enough for you to hunt down special wallpapers, apps and games that are developed specially for tablets. Plus as the Android philosophy goes “it’s lot more fun to hack your device to suit your own interest and needs”. We will cover all the useful apps for Android tablets in this two-part series.

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