Switch Idea – Get hired by being social

Everyone is over the Internet and everyone who’s not living under the rock is social [read: using Facebook and Twitter] , including the one reading this post right now. Apart from being connected and having your identity online, searching for a job opportunity is the next hot trend nowadays.

A couple of years back, it was just about LinkedIn. You must have heard or read about “that dude who landed a job in that awesome company, because someone contacted him via LinkedIn”. Well, the times are definitely changing now. LinkedIn is no longer exclusive about professional networking and recruitment. Recruiters are now aggressively hunting Facebook and Twitter for potential employees. But here’s a fresh new startup which is all geared up to make an impact in the same arena with a totally fresh idea. They are neither too formal nor too casual. And the best part? They are leveraging your existing social network to help you to find right job opportunities. The service is built around the idea of “Social Media Recruitment”.

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