Use T9 App Dialer for Faster Searching Installed apps on Android

With more powerful Android phones coming in the market and storage space increasing exponentially on phones, keeping crazy number of apps installed on your Android phone is not a problem anymore. It is always a good practise to keep your Android phone clean, but that doesn’t stop you from installing any app you want, does it? Keep installing loads of apps on your Android phone and the next time when you want to find an app to launch, you really have to struggle in your app drawer menu to find that special app which you do not use so frequently.

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Android Home Screen Launchers: Best 5 of the lot


The real beauty of the Android OS platform is that literally everything is customizable and the customization is limited only to your imagination. The mobile OS itself is open source, that means there are million of developers working out there on one thing or the other (read apps), night and day. For an average user like you and me it means that you can gather several apps and customizable bits from all around the web and try to design that awesome experience that every gadget lover dreams about !

Not to mention, the default Android homescreen or “desktop” looks and performs very monolithic. But there are many free and paid homescreen replacements for the default Android homescreen in the Android marketplace, and you’re sure to pick your choice amongst one of these:

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