Android L – A Peek preview into the future of SmartPhones

In the recently concluded Google I/O 2014, Google not only announced and shed some light on the advance feature of upcoming Android Release “L” but also delivered a peek preview to the future of our Smartphones.

Those who are not familiar with Google I/O event, it is an annual developer conference with primary focus on new features added in latest Google products and ecosystem. Though the official keynotes contain material from a Developers point of view, we at TechyLab are trying to decipher things from a consumer point of view about the  upcoming features in Android L release.

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How to Disable Indirection and get Clean URLs from Google, Facebook and Twitter

Have you ever faced that awkward moment in browsing when you tried to copy a URL from your Google search result and it results in extremely long and weird URL? Have you ever faced slow redirection from Twitter’s “” URL or are you one of the victims who gets modified URL by Facebook?

You are in luck as we had promised earlier to cover some useful user scripts. As mentioned in our earlier post, using large number of addons or extensions makes your web browser laggy. Hence below we are sharing a couple of extremely useful user scripts using which you can have original and clean URLs from Google, Facebook and Twitter.

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Prevent Google from Redirecting You to Local Country Search

Google has many country-specific local domain search pages for users around the world. These local domain search pages can be identified by the TLDs (Top Level Domains) like (India), (United Kingdom) and so on. These local domain search pages provide results which are more relevant to your current location.

If you observer carefully while Googling, when you type in your browser address bar , you are automatically redirected to the Google domain for your country. This can get annoying sometimes when you actually want to perform a broad search and the search from these local domains can restrict your search results. Here is how you can prevent Google from redirecting you to the local domain for your searches :

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How to Access Gmail when It’s Down

What do you do when Gmail or Google Apps are down? You cannot access your important data, emails and notes. Sometimes Gmail may also be painfully slow. If you are finding it tough to access Gmail properly, here are some alternate Gmail modes/links/URL that you can use to access your email easily.

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Google Glass – From Rumour to Reality – All you need to know

There’s a lot of hype all around and everyone is talking about Google Glass now. Apart from a handful few, who have managed to get their hands on the early developer version of Google Glass, all of us are only left speculating and reading about it over the Internet. Here we have tried to give you a comprehensive coverage of what exactly is Google Glass, what it can do, what it holds and how futuristic it is, along with the best of Google Glass demo videos that you can watch to get a feel of it right now.

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Google Chrome Offline Installer Link


We all love Google Chrome. We gradually shifted our Internet surfing habits from one browser to another, starting from Internet Explorer –> Mozilla Firefox –> Google Chrome (in that order).

Several reasons for the popularity of Google Chrome are blazing speed, thousands of useful and intuitive extensions, easy sync and lots more. One more reason why people love Google Chrome is the ease-of-installation. You can always goto this link and download one small “online installer” which again downloads the full “offline installer” and installs Google Chrome.

But you can always go ahead and download the full offline standalone installer for Google Chrome from these links :

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