Download Popular 8-bit Tunes

Remember the good old days of 8-bit games? The times of good ol’ games like Mario, Duck Hunt and so on. All of our generation has wasted millions of hours enjoying those 8-bit retro games in their free time and during holidays. Those were the times when SEGA, NES and all those popular consoles were recognized by the popular 8-bit tunes of those retro games.

Even though we may have advanced to the likes of Wii, PS3 and Xbox Kinect today, nothing can beat the excitement when you hear the starting tune and game-track of all those 8-bit games. Want to relive those days again? Then you must head over to the following sites and download your favorite 8-bit game music. Download them as the startup sound for your computer , the ringtone for your mobile and when that next calls comes you will sure take sometime to listen to it 🙂

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