How To Save Bandwidth While Browsing Internet on Your Android Device

With mobile data consider as a very scarce quantity in many countries, there comes need to save data transfer as minimum as possible. With charging higher rate for data, user always want to save data. With use of  HTML5 page size of websites has seen tremendous increase in past few years. This article aims at saving data while browsing websites using Your Android Device

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How To Reset Firefox Browser


Firefox is a great browser in itself and has a large fan following. But quite frequently we tend to bloat up our favorite browser with unwanted addons. This not only the cause of slowness of Firefox but also causes Firefox to crash a lot. It is very frustrating when we are working on the middle of something important and Firefox either hangs or crash. But a bloated browser shouldn’t be a reason for your hatred.

Although you can try manually to remove all the addons, clear history etc. but this doesn’t mean that it will restore your Firefox settings to default or fix it. There may be some hidden setting left in your Firefox installation which can still cause Firefox to hang or crash. Here is how you can reset Firefox completely to its factory setting.

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Google Chrome Offline Installer Link


We all love Google Chrome. We gradually shifted our Internet surfing habits from one browser to another, starting from Internet Explorer –> Mozilla Firefox –> Google Chrome (in that order).

Several reasons for the popularity of Google Chrome are blazing speed, thousands of useful and intuitive extensions, easy sync and lots more. One more reason why people love Google Chrome is the ease-of-installation. You can always goto this link and download one small “online installer” which again downloads the full “offline installer” and installs Google Chrome.

But you can always go ahead and download the full offline standalone installer for Google Chrome from these links :

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Google Chrome for Android released

There were many good options for a decent browser on your Android phone, but none was as good enough as the Google chrome on your PC. Well, Google has finally listened to all our wishes and after a really long wait Google Chrome beta for Android has been finally released in the Android Marketplace.

The current beta of the Chrome browser for Android works only on Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich and is officially released only in some selected countries.

The Chrome browser for Android is feature packed with HTML5 support, optimized UI for phones and tablets, sending pages from desktop to phone, including all the good old features that work in the PC version of the browser like incognito mode, omnibox and bookmark sync.

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