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Codecs Pack for Windows 8 [Downloads]

Codec (Coder-Decoder) is software program which is capable of storing and enables playback for different types audio and video data in a specific format. Media Codecs are required for any specific kind of audio visual format on your Operating System or handheld devices e.g. mkv, mp3 and so on. Read more »

Top Web Apps/Websites to Download MP3 from YouTube Video

YouTube is great to watch and discover new or popular videos. Quite frequently you stumble upon a popular video or the video from your favorite artist or movie, and you wish that you could just listen it forever. This wish can come true only if you can convert your favorite video on YouTube to an MP3 audio file that you can carry around on any device. Yes this is possible and converting any YouTube video to an MP3 audio is very easy. We have given a list of free Web Apps below that you can use to convert any YouTube video to an MP3 audio file. Read more »