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Easier Way to Manage Wi-Fi Network Profile in Windows 8.1

Users shifting from earlier version of Windows (Windows 7 or earlier) find a little difficulty in managing everyday tasks with Windows 8 UI . With the new intuitive UI, Windows 8 has many hidden settings which users are still not aware of.

If you had connected to a Wi-FI network on Windows 8 and the password has been changed for the network, you are caught with a difficult problem of changing the password on your Windows 8 laptop. In this post we are going to cover one of the hidden settings which will help you to manage WiFi networks on your laptop easily, without using any text command.

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Get the Old Bootloader and F8 Safe Mode in Windows 8

Windows 8 brought many drastic changes in functionality and user interface to the Microsoft Operating System family. For starters, it shipped by default with a new bootloader designed for UEFI devices. While you may like the new bootloader which is also tiled as the rest of the operating system, it is more of a disaster rather than a functionality. With the new bootloader in Windows 8, functionality to boot straight into “safe mode” by pressing the “F8” key was removed. You can follow the below steps to get the Windows 7 style “old” classic bootloader and safe mode functionality back for Windows 8. Read more »

Enable Hidden Aero Lite Theme in Windows 8

A lighter “Aero Lite” theme was introduced in testing builds of Windows 8, which had lesser fancy features and provided better performance. Aero Lite theme for Windows 8 has lesser eye-candy, yet provides almost all the features of the standard Aero theme in Windows 8. This theme is ideal for computers which don’t have compatible hardware for video graphics acceleration and can do without eye-candy features like transparency. Read more »

Enable “Aero Glass” Transparency in Windows 8

Microsoft had long removed the “Aero Glass” transparency style in Windows 8 RTM version by default. Whether it was a good or a bad decision is better left for personal opinion but you can get still get the limited Aero theme style transparency in Windows 8 back. Read more »

Codecs Pack for Windows 8 [Downloads]

Codec (Coder-Decoder) is software program which is capable of storing and enables playback for different types audio and video data in a specific format. Media Codecs are required for any specific kind of audio visual format on your Operating System or handheld devices e.g. mkv, mp3 and so on. Read more »