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Olx Review – One of the Best MarketPlace to Buy and Sell Products in India

People buy and sell a lot of thing online now. Especially in a growing economy like India, we have a choice of many popular online portals and marketplaces to chose from. One of the most popular marketplace in India is OLX where you find anything ranging from mobiles for sale , vehicles, home appliances and so on. Olx is a free online platform of classifieds where anyone can create ads to sell their products easily. It’s a win-win situation for buyers as well because you can find used products in good condition and at much cheaper rates than the traditional market. Olx also offers a wide range of services from education and jobs,  matrimonial,  buying and selling of all type of products like vehicles, real estates and so on. Read more »

How To Enjoy YouTube Videos without Distraction

YouTube is addictive. Millions of hours are spent every day, around the globe by people addicted to watching random videos on YouTube. Since we all have a very fast Internet connections at our home now, people do not mind occasional ads, the long list of suggested videos on the right sidebar and the long list of mindless comments below the page on YouTube (or do they?). If you, like me, are an avid YouTube surfer, these are huge distractions when you are watching your favorite videos on YouTube. Read more »