Create Mobile Application in Few Clicks

With smart devices like mobile, tablets becoming affordable day by day, it is considered as essential commodity in every one’s life. There is significant growth of data over these smart devices in past few year. With everyone possessing a smart device, it is consider a smart move to launch application for your website.

Problem arises while creating mobile application when one is not able to fund for developer or don’t have knowledge of Mobile platform programming. To over come this problem, we at TechyLab though to share few useful sites and software which can help to create mobile application in few clicks without knowing any programming.

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Inapp Translator is the Easiest way to Translate Text on Android

Since evolution, communication is the basic need for human beings. The problem with communication on a global scale is that the written or spoken communication changes from place to place. Even with the world becoming a global village, it is not feasible for anyone to learn and understand every possible language.

In the current era of Wold Wide Web, every piece of information available on our fingertips. Today you can translate text from one language to another very easily on any device. Here we are going to review an awesome Android app for translation which is very minimal and yet has taken us aback by surprise with its functionality !

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Original Angry Birds now Free from Windows Phone Store, Until 15th of May !

Windows Phone platform has always been late to the party for most of the popular apps in the mobile segment, be it the social apps, gaming apps or the offers for apps over the Store.

Original Angry Birds which was made free for the iOS platform a few weeks ago has finally been made free for the Windows Phone store also. But wait, this is not  a full time free offer !

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Top Android Apps for Christmas and Holiday Season

The most awaited time of the year is here – Christmas and Holiday Season. That time of the year when you can just relax and lay back, meet with your family and friends, do shopping and and purchase gifts, enjoy turkey, cookies and more. But would you leave your smartphone and forget your online social life while you’re enjoying the holiday season? Definitely not. In fact, these apps can add more spirit and fun to your holiday season. We too were pretty excited and have prepared the following list of Android apps that will make your Christmas and Holiday season much more fun:

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Appy Geek – Tech News App for Android

Appy Geek

There already are many news and RSS reader apps for Android. But if you are always hungry for the latest Technology news from anywhere on the planet (like me), Appy Geek is the Android app for you.
Before we pen down our review of the app, here’s our 2 cents about the app – it works “out-of-the-box”, UI is intuitive like feedly or Pulse reader, the app is pretty responsive and does not lag much and that’s all about it. This is the no-nonsense reader app for the Geeks who just want to read the latest tech news and do not like to fiddle much with their apps.

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