List of best Android Tablet apps

Android tablets are not pre-loaded with all the cool apps as iPad is out-of-the-box. But most probably the main reason why you opted for an Android tablet and not an iPad in the first place would surely be the big choice of apps in the Android Marketplace, the apps specially developed for tablets.

With a version of the Android OS specially designed for tablets (Honeycomb) you can be sure to find that perfect app for your specific need, even if it doesn’t come installed with your tablet from the factory. Android Marketplace is big enough for you to hunt down special wallpapers, apps and games that are developed specially for tablets. Plus as the Android philosophy goes “it’s lot more fun to hack your device to suit your own interest and needs”. We will cover all the useful apps for Android tablets in this two-part series.

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Top 10 Android Live Wallpapers

One of the most coolest thing you must have noticed about an Android phone would be the Live wallpapers. They are simply amazing, aren’t they? What’s more? There are 1000s of Live wallpapers in the Android marketplace to choose from. Sadly they range from Justin Beiber live wallpapers to Hello kitty live wallpaper and sakura live wallpaper (I have no clue what that even means).

So just to help you out, here’s our compilation of the top 10 live Android wallpapers that we thought you would definitely love.

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5 Must Have Firefox Addons



Even if it gets old and gets faster rivals like Google Chrome, Firefox is and will always be the legendary web browser that transformed the way people surf the Internet. Mozilla Firefox still has a large fan following behind it because of the security, continuous development and updates and the way in which users can modify it in any way to suit their specific needs via add-ons.
This is the first part of of our regular series in which we will be bringing to you all the useful and interesting Firefox Add-ons which can enhance your web experience with Firefox.

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