Keep your Inbox Spam Free with Temporary Email Addresses

There are zillions of sites available over the Internet now. But the problem arises when you want to use a website that asks for your email for getting access to their content, and after registration you start getting unwanted SPAM in your mailbox.

Creating a new email account for every website and to maintain it becomes a painful task. While creating a new email ID with top notch email providers is a long process where you have to answer all the details like date of birth, phone number, (DNA Code 😛 ) and what not. It ultimately becomes a headache and you end up wasting a lot time. Remembering login details of each mailbox is quite a tedious task in itself.

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Download and Listen to Free Music Legally [How To]

Everyone, including me, loves listening to music. But even quality music doesn’t come free nowadays, right? Wrong !

There are many music streaming services like Spotify, Pandora and others out there but most of these services offer only a limited trial and are not available throughout the globe.

So here’s my favorite list of websites which let you download and listen to a ton of free and high-quality music from anywhere on the globe.

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Top Websites to Download and Use Royalty Free Images

If you are always active into blogging, web designing and other online projects, you must frequently be on the hunt for high resolution and quality images. But finding quality and royalty free images online is a tough task if you don’t know to look at the right places.

We have compiled the below list of famous websites which provide you high quality and royalty free stock images to download for all your needs.

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Top Selling Phablets for under 15000 INR in India

These days Phablets are selling like hot cakes everywhere in the world. Phablets are the monstrous mobile phones with huge display, so they can always double up as a tablet too. Especially in an emerging marketplace like India, big and small manufacturers are bringing their own version of 5″ Android powered tablet with some amazing specifications.

We have selected a handful of those value for money Phablets which offer a great performance and still are quite affordable for being  around 15,000 INR in India.

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Download Popular 8-bit Tunes

Remember the good old days of 8-bit games? The times of good ol’ games like Mario, Duck Hunt and so on. All of our generation has wasted millions of hours enjoying those 8-bit retro games in their free time and during holidays. Those were the times when SEGA, NES and all those popular consoles were recognized by the popular 8-bit tunes of those retro games.

Even though we may have advanced to the likes of Wii, PS3 and Xbox Kinect today, nothing can beat the excitement when you hear the starting tune and game-track of all those 8-bit games. Want to relive those days again? Then you must head over to the following sites and download your favorite 8-bit game music. Download them as the startup sound for your computer , the ringtone for your mobile and when that next calls comes you will sure take sometime to listen to it 🙂

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Top Windows 8 Preview Videos

We had posted earlier that Microsoft has made some drastic changes to features and UI in their Windows 8 OS. Navigating through the new Operating System may seem bit tough for the users who are used to the old look and feel of Windows.

While there is a major group of computer users still upgrading and catching up with the new OS, you should definitely go through the following videos which are put together by early adopters and professionals who have gone through the known and unknown features of Windows 8 :

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