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Things to do on a new Linux installation

With recent release of Ubuntu 14.10, many people might have query in their mind, what should be done on their newly installed Linux distro to run without any problem for long run.
In this post we will see few basic things to be done on new Linux installation, so that the installation lasts for years.

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DIY – How to Create Your Own Dedicated Music Server in Easy Steps

A vast majority of people need a regular fix of music in today’s busy lifestyle. Music relaxes our senses, soothes, takes our stress and pain away. Be it classical, hip-hop or any music genre in between, people enjoy them because it also increases their productivity in most of the cases. Though you might have dedicated MP3 devices ready to play the music of your choice, in this article we will show you how you can create your own music playing server. Not only can you play and queue music using your own music playing server, but can also control music volume remotely. Sounds cool? Read more »