How To Fix Missing Favicons on Google Chrome

Google Chrome is an awesome browser which can sync all your browser data across multiple devices once you sign in. But in some situations, Google Chrome may suddenly stop showing favicons for your bookmarks, including the ones on your bookmarks bar. The issue is very irritating, but you can fix this very easily if you reset the favicon cache for Google cache ! Here is what you need to do:

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Always Start Google Chrome in Incognito Mode

Many popular browsers, including Google Chrome, have inbuilt functionality to run in private browsing [incognito] mode. This is a very important feature nowadays to protect the privacy of users while surfing the Internet. “Incognito” mode allows users to surf the Internet without leaving traces of their browsing data on the device which they are using. When you use incognito mode, browser does not store any data related to your Internet browsing like the websites you visited, history, downloaded files, forms data that you filled, cookies and so on. This is a very helpful feature when you are using a public computer.

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Google Chrome Offline Installer Link


We all love Google Chrome. We gradually shifted our Internet surfing habits from one browser to another, starting from Internet Explorer –> Mozilla Firefox –> Google Chrome (in that order).

Several reasons for the popularity of Google Chrome are blazing speed, thousands of useful and intuitive extensions, easy sync and lots more. One more reason why people love Google Chrome is the ease-of-installation. You can always goto this link and download one small “online installer” which again downloads the full “offline installer” and installs Google Chrome.

But you can always go ahead and download the full offline standalone installer for Google Chrome from these links :

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