Nexus 4 White Edition now Available in India

Nexus 4 was a late entrant in the Indian Smartphone market. It was delayed for almost 6 months after International release, before releasing over Flipkart and local indian stores a couple of weeks ago.

But now it seems Indians are quite lucky to get the White Edition of the Nexus 4 before the rest of the world. The Nexus 4 white edition is expected to be released worldwide on June 10, but the phone is now readily available in Indian local stores in Delhi.

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[Rumor] Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to Feature Plastic OLED Unbreakable Display!

After the big announcement of Samsung’s Flagship phone Galaxy S4, the next big thing expected from Samsung is their next iteration of the Galaxy Note series of phablets.
Of late we have been hearing some rumors about the Galaxy Note 3. The latest one suggests that the Galaxy Note 3 would be featuring  a Plastic OLED Unbreakable Display. Now that’s something !

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Change the Primary Google Account on Your Rooted Android Phone [How To]

Android phones/tablets are always hooked up with a primary Google account that you have to enter when you activate your device. But if at any point of time you decide to change that primary Google account on your device, you would be in a tough situation. The only way by which it can be changed is by doing a factory reset (hard reset) that would wipe all the data on your phone, including downloaded apps, settings, SMS and much more. But if you go on a little further with your device and root it, here’s a simple solution using which the primary Google account on your device can be changed without factory reset.

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Google Chrome for Android released

There were many good options for a decent browser on your Android phone, but none was as good enough as the Google chrome on your PC. Well, Google has finally listened to all our wishes and after a really long wait Google Chrome beta for Android has been finally released in the Android Marketplace.

The current beta of the Chrome browser for Android works only on Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich and is officially released only in some selected countries.

The Chrome browser for Android is feature packed with HTML5 support, optimized UI for phones and tablets, sending pages from desktop to phone, including all the good old features that work in the PC version of the browser like incognito mode, omnibox and bookmark sync.

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Top 10 Android Live Wallpapers

One of the most coolest thing you must have noticed about an Android phone would be the Live wallpapers. They are simply amazing, aren’t they? What’s more? There are 1000s of Live wallpapers in the Android marketplace to choose from. Sadly they range from Justin Beiber live wallpapers to Hello kitty live wallpaper and sakura live wallpaper (I have no clue what that even means).

So just to help you out, here’s our compilation of the top 10 live Android wallpapers that we thought you would definitely love.

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