Create WiFi hotspot using your wireless card

We are always connected with our smartphones, tablets, laptops, iPod, gaming consoles and wearables throughout the day. With the increase in digital smart devices all around us, there is a always a hassle in accessing the Internet through all of these devices. With an ideal setup, you will have a rocking fast broadband Internet connection at your home and you can share the connection with all your devices very easily. In your home network it might not be a big issue where you don’t have to pay separately for data access on every device. But while you are out of your home and on the move, separate Internet connection for individual devices can be costlier .

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Keep your Inbox Spam Free with Temporary Email Addresses

There are zillions of sites available over the Internet now. But the problem arises when you want to use a website that asks for your email for getting access to their content, and after registration you start getting unwanted SPAM in your mailbox.

Creating a new email account for every website and to maintain it becomes a painful task. While creating a new email ID with top notch email providers is a long process where you have to answer all the details like date of birth, phone number, (DNA Code 😛 ) and what not. It ultimately becomes a headache and you end up wasting a lot time. Remembering login details of each mailbox is quite a tedious task in itself.

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Droplr – An easy way to share files, links and screenshots

Wouldn’t it be great if you can have power of sharing a file or an image in an easier way? Would’t it be great if you can save a lot of your time while doing the same? Here comes the Droplr app to rescue.

Not to mention with the power of Cloud storage, this app can come handy for sharing screenshots, links or any type of file. Apart from have a tiny installer (1 Mb in size) for windows and Mac (2Mb), this handy app can be used in various useful ways (like we used it for screenshots below).  In this article we will show you more details about this useful and awesome app.

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Update Location on Latitude Automatically on Android via GPS

Google Latitude

Google Latitude Have you ever been out of your home for a roadtrip and were unable to update your location over latitude? Are you tired of updating your exact location manually over latitude? if yes then this article/post is for you.

Unlike Symbian version of latitude which keeps running in the background and updates its location via GPS frequently and automatically, the Android version of latitude, at the time of writing this article, doesn’t support automatic update of  location over. However one can use cell-tower/wifi based location, but sometimes it’s not accurate and can show your location thousands of mile away from your actual location. This article/post will provide a trick to post your location over latitude on android automatically.


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