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Creative ways in which Businesses are using Tablets

Tablets have become extremely useful tools in business of late. Businesses are now using mobile devices to gather data on customer habits as well as equipping staff with them when they are working remotely or on-the-go. In this post we are going to cover some of the creative ways in which businesses are leveraging the power of tablets to boost productivity and profits. Read more »

How To Fix Missing Favicons on Google Chrome

Google Chrome is an awesome browser which can sync all your browser data across multiple devices once you sign in. But in some situations, Google Chrome may suddenly stop showing favicons for your bookmarks, including the ones on your bookmarks bar. The issue is very irritating, but you can fix this very easily if you reset the favicon cache for Google cache ! Here is what you need to do: Read more »

How To Disable ‘Seen’ for Facebook Messages and Messenger

Facebook has a pretty neat feature of letting you know if someone has read the messages you had sent them by showing ‘Seen’. While some may consider the feature as useful, it is a very easy way for someone to keep nagging you on Facebook. Yes you read that right ! Everyone you ‘friend’ on Facebook is not necessarily your friend or someone you actually want to talk to on a regular basis. You do not always want to reply to all the messages you get on Facebook. But what if someone had sent you a message on Facebook but you chose not to reply to them? The next time your ‘friend’ meets you in person, it is not going to be a pleasant conversation 😀 Read more »

Olx Review – One of the Best MarketPlace to Buy and Sell Products in India

People buy and sell a lot of thing online now. Especially in a growing economy like India, we have a choice of many popular online portals and marketplaces to chose from. One of the most popular marketplace in India is OLX where you find anything ranging from mobiles for sale , vehicles, home appliances and so on. Olx is a free online platform of classifieds where anyone can create ads to sell their products easily. It’s a win-win situation for buyers as well because you can find used products in good condition and at much cheaper rates than the traditional market. Olx also offers a wide range of services from education and jobs,  matrimonial,  buying and selling of all type of products like vehicles, real estates and so on. Read more »

Get the Old Bootloader and F8 Safe Mode in Windows 8

Windows 8 brought many drastic changes in functionality and user interface to the Microsoft Operating System family. For starters, it shipped by default with a new bootloader designed for UEFI devices. While you may like the new bootloader which is also tiled as the rest of the operating system, it is more of a disaster rather than a functionality. With the new bootloader in Windows 8, functionality to boot straight into “safe mode” by pressing the “F8” key was removed. You can follow the below steps to get the Windows 7 style “old” classic bootloader and safe mode functionality back for Windows 8. Read more »