Started in 2011, TechyLab is a blog where you can find information about interesting software applications, mobile apps, websites and latest technology news.

Everything ranging from popular Windows tools, Linux applications, breaking Tech news and latest mobile apps are covered on TechyLab. If we find it interesting, short and useful, we cover it here.

We are platform and technology agnostic. We are always excited about that next Android phone that has shockingly big screen, zillions of processors inside, the one that can read your mind and will make you a coffee with the next upgrade. We are broke with our funds but are ready to steal random cats and puppies and sell them over to get the next iPhone or the Macbook that gets upgraded every other month with the display that hypnotizes our retina. We are also waiting patiently for the next Windows Phone upgrade that will let us make a phone call or sent a text easily, without keeping us in the delusion that our phone and  lives are only meant to be playing with colorful tiles !

We try to cover the best things across all the platforms. If there is anything specific you want us to cover, shoot us your suggestions straight away to admin[at]techylab[dot]com or contact us through our Contact form.

Who runs the blog ?

An average geek who is extreme passionate about Technology, Internet and Android runs the blog.

All the credits for keeping our server up, safe and running blazing fast goes to our Server Admin.

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