Nexus 4 White Edition now Available in India

Nexus 4 was a late entrant in the Indian Smartphone market. It was delayed for almost 6 months after International release, before releasing over Flipkart and local indian stores a couple of weeks ago.

But now it seems Indians are quite lucky to get the White Edition of the Nexus 4 before the rest of the world. The Nexus 4 white edition is expected to be released worldwide on June 10, but the phone is now readily available in Indian local stores in Delhi.

Nexus 4 White Edition now Available in India

The Phone is available in the 16GB variant and is priced same as the Nexus 4 Black Edition which was released a couple of weeks ago for Rs.25,999.

So if you are itching to get your hands on the white version of Nexus 4, then head over to a local store nearby and you could get one before the rest of the world can get it!

via [iGyaan]

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