TechyLab Mega Giveaway ! Lots of Free Web Hosting accounts

It’s been sometime since our last giveaway and we have achieved a lot in all these months. All the success that we achieved with TechyLab is purely because of our readers and their interest in what we publish. Here are just some of the awesome things we did in the last few months :

1. Our readers made us a hero on social media

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2. We successfully and easily breathed through a large DDoS attack on our blog. Atlast the Kung-fu training of our brave guinea pigs and Server admin paid off

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And our reader base is increasing fast and steadily !

TechyLab giveaway

We thought it’s high time we give some love and hugs back to our loyal readers. Hence we have brought to you a “no catch” Web Hosting giveaway, courtesy of our reliable Web Hosting friends at HostERock.



Details and Rules of Web Hosting giveaway :

1. 2 No. of FREE Starter Gold Plan ( worth Rs 600/Year) for an year

Includes 250MB Disk Space, 5GB Monthly Bandwidth, 5 Sub domains and lots more.

2. 4 No. of FREE Starter Silver Plan ( worth Rs 500/Year) for an year

Includes 100MB Disk Space, 2GB Monthly Bandwidth, 4 Sub domains and more goodies.

3. Winner of the giveaway will be announced on 30th May 2013 and everyone around the globe is eligible for participation.

P.S. – We will just be giving away lots of free web hosting accounts but you will have to purchase your own domain. Show us enough love and we may even gift a rocking domain name to you !

Coming down to the business, here’s what you need to do in order to enter the giveaway :

1. Type a creative/wacky/funny comment below saying why you need this free Web Hosting

2. Follow us on Twitter and retweet this post with #TLgiveaway

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3. Like us on Facebook and share this post

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Also we do not want to upset any of our readers. So for the rest of you who could not win, you can still get a reliable Web Hosting with an awesome heroic support and here are some huge discount coupons for your Web Hosting purchase on HostERock:

1. Starter Bronze/Silver/Gold Plan at Rs 150 Discount (Only on annual subscription) by applying  “2QO78CZAM0” Coupon Code (Valid Till 30th of May 2013)

2. Basic/Power/Professional Plan at Rs 200 Discount (Only on annual Subscription) by applying “9P9DS1Q7CY” Coupon Code (Valid Till 30th of May 2013)

Spread the LOVE and keep your fingers crossed!