Codecs Pack for Windows 8 [Downloads]

Codec (Coder-Decoder) is software program which is capable of storing and enables playback for different types audio and video data in a specific format. Media Codecs are required for any specific kind of audio visual format on your Operating System or handheld devices e.g. mkv, mp3 and so on.

There are a large number of codecs available for all Operating System platforms and you may require a specific type, depending on the type of audio or video format you want to play. Hence to install a specific codec, each time you want to play a specific format, is quite cumbersome and time consuming. But thanks to this all-in-one bundled media codec pack, you can now download and install most popular codecs for Windows 8 and play any kind of audio and video file easily.

Windows 8 codec pack

The advantage of installing this Windows 8 Media Codec pack is that, once installed you can use any media or music player to play all your files. You can also install only selected codecs if you want and install/uninstall them when you wish to.

Download Codecs Pack for Windows 8