How to Access Gmail when It’s Down

What do you do when Gmail or Google Apps are down? You cannot access your important data, emails and notes. Sometimes Gmail may also be painfully slow. If you are finding it tough to access Gmail properly, here are some alternate Gmail modes/links/URL that you can use to access your email easily.

Safe Mode – Loads Gmail with all the Labs features off

Secure Mode – This is the normal Gmail link with HTTPS enabled, hence more secure. If you are being a proxy or firewall in school or office, you may be able to access Gmail from this link.

Older version – If you do not link the newer version of Gmail which is feature rich in UI but heavy, you can access the ligher and older version from here

Basic Mode – This is the basic HTML version of Gmail which does not uses Javascript. Hence this is fast but you will find all the advanced features missing here.

Mobile Mode – This is the mobile optimized version of Gmail for mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. or