Google Glass – From Rumour to Reality – All you need to know

There’s a lot of hype all around and everyone is talking about Google Glass now. Apart from a handful few, who have managed to get their hands on the early developer version of Google Glass, all of us are only left speculating and reading about it over the Internet. Here we have tried to give you a comprehensive coverage of what exactly is Google Glass, what it can do, what it holds and how futuristic it is, along with the best of Google Glass demo videos that you can watch to get a feel of it right now.

Google Glass – How it all started

The rumors that Google is developing a promising and wearable device that would work exceptionally as an augmented reality device started in 2012 itself. Noone believed the rumors so much, speculating that the current technology cannot produce such a wearable device to match the features that we have seen in Sci-fi movies. Started the early 2013 and many developers have already got their hands on the “nearly polished” developer version of the device.

What is Google Glass

Project Glass or Google Glass is a wearable gadget or a sort of “head up display” that is result of a very futuristic vision and hard work that is aimed to free data from your computers, mobiles and tablets and place it in front of your eyes so that you can live the current technology effortlessly in your everyday life.

The technology to create such a wearable gadget was invented in back in the 1900 named reflector sight. Google Glass uses a small display to put data in front of your vision with the help of a prism screen. You can adjust the comfortable height and viewing angle of the device. Think of Google Glass as a camera, display, touchpad and microphone built into a single small spectacle frame using which you can project a display in front of your eyesight and take pictures, record videos, make calls, answer emails, take navigation directions, do a web search and much more effortlessly.

As stated by Google, the display of Google Glass is equivalent of a 25-inch high definition screen as seen from a distance of 8 feet. Unofficially many of the early adopters are stating the native display resolution of 640 x 360 on the device. Having all the relevant information projected right in front of your vision has many advantages – Navigation becomes easy, all the common tasks like taking a photo, sending an email and recording a video can be done either by voice or hand gestures. The camera on the device does not need to focus on a particular view because it will capture the image from a first-person perspective of what you are actually seeing.

But the real trick lies in how Google Glass controls all this data and gets all this information for you effortlessly. You can select what you want to do with your voice or by simple gestures on the touchpad which is located on one arm of the frame. Also interesting is that there are no audio jacks where you can plug-in your headphones. Google Glass provides you sound by using bone-induction technology, it vibrates your skull to create sound. Sounds geeky? But most importantly it is very neat and effortless.

Specifications of Google Glass

1. A display of 640 x 360.

2. Built in 5MP camera.

3. 720p video recording.

4. Battery backup is impressive, lasting a day on casual usage. The device can be charged easily using a micro-usb port.

5. There’s a 16GB flash memory built right into the device (out of which 12GB is usable) which should be sufficient. The device syncs with your Google Drive, so all your data is accessible on the go.

6. Blue-tooth and Wi-Fi built in.

7. There’s a no GPS on the device as of now sadly. Also you need to pair it with your Smartphone so that Google Glass can access a data connection.

8. The frame comes with replaceable nose pads along with a 2 pairs of mountable shades, one light and one dark colored, which mounts easily in front of the device.

9. And Google Glass comes in 5 color variants for now – Black, Orange, Grey, Blue and White



Cost and Release Date of Google Glass

While the developer version of Google Glass have already been shipped to a selected few who were chosen in a lucky draw and had to shell 1500$ for the device.

The finalized consumer version of the device is expected to start shipping by the end of 2013 and is expected to be priced anywhere around 1100$-1500$.

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