Windows 8 Runs on over 4.69% PCs Worldwide

Windows 8 was launched almost 6 months ago and within a first quarter of the launch, the new Operating System from Microsoft reached over 60 million licenses.

Now according to the recent research from Stat Counter, the Windows 8 Platform now accounts for over 4.69% of PCs worldwide.

Windows 8 4.69 percent

It is nearing those [infamous] numbers which Windows Vista has currently in terms of market share and will surpass it in coming months. While Windows 7 still maintains the top spot with a huge share of around 53.89% of computers worldwide  followed by Windows XP  which stands at 21.7% marketshare and Windows Vista at 6.06% market share.

Going by this trend we can expect Windows 8 to cross the numbers of Windows Vista in a month or two. Also with the Windows 8.1 update expected very soon with some rumored features like “Boot to desktop” (if that is indeed a feature), we can expect a growth in terms of Windows 8 conversions for those users who were hesitant about the usage of Start Screen.

Source [ Stat Counter ]


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