[Rumor] Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to Feature Plastic OLED Unbreakable Display!

After the big announcement of Samsung’s Flagship phone Galaxy S4, the next big thing expected from Samsung is their next iteration of the Galaxy Note series of phablets.
Of late we have been hearing some rumors about the Galaxy Note 3. The latest one suggests that the Galaxy Note 3 would be featuring  a Plastic OLED Unbreakable Display. Now that’s something !

[Rumor]Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to Feature Plastic OLED Unbreakable Display!


These reports are coming courtesy of a research of OLED Association website, which claims that the Galaxy Note 3 is expected to be unveiled at  the upcoming IFA 2013 event scheduled for September 2013. As per the research, the Note 3 would feature a 5.9″-6″ display and by courtesy of the plastic OLED display the device will be thinner and lighter as compared to its predecessors. So we can expect a bigger device with a larger battery to juice it up.

Though there is nothing mentioned about exactly what resolution the display would come up with, but after the revelation of Mega devices which feature a qHD and 720 P Display for their 5.8″ and 6.3″ variant, we can expect a better display resolution for the Note Series also as it would be targeted for a  higher price bracket.

Source[OLED Association]