5 Must Have Firefox Addons


Even if it gets old and gets faster rivals like Google Chrome, Firefox is and will always be the legendary web browser that transformed the way people surf the Internet. Mozilla Firefox still has a large fan following behind it because of the security, continuous development and updates and the way in which users can modify it in any way to suit their specific needs via add-ons.
This is the first part of of our regular series in which we will be bringing to you all the useful and interesting Firefox Add-ons which can enhance your web experience with Firefox.

5 Must Have Firefox Addons:

AdBlock Plus:

This add-on does a single job and does it very well. It tries to block all the advertisement and annoying ads on all the websites you visit. It is one of the most popular and reliable add-on in its category.


WOT is a link scanner add-on for Firefox. On all the pages and websites that you visit on the Internet, it scans the inherent links and advises you if the link is safe or not. The database of malicious links is updated everyday and takes into account the ratings of people.

Read it later:

This add-on helps you to save the pages you want to read later, with a single click. Well the magic of the add-on is that you can read those saved pages even without an Internet connection.

The add-on also has specific applications for iPhone and Android which lets you sync your list of saved pages with the popular mobile devices that you carry, allowing you ease of access.


If you have been using Firefox for sometime, chances are really good that you can get lost in millions of add-ons out there. Picking the best of the lot and the one add-on that suits your needs is very tough.

This is where AddonFox comes to rescue. It lets you install around 100 handpicked add-ons for Firefox. Installing an add-on after installing AddonFox is then just one click away.

Speed Dial for Firefox:

Make Firefox browser to imitate Opera with Speed Dial for Firefox. This add-on makes a visual bookmark of your favorite websites and displays them every time you open a new tab. Handy isn’t it?