Change the Primary Google Account on Your Rooted Android Phone [How To]

Android phones/tablets are always hooked up with a primary Google account that you have to enter when you activate your device. But if at any point of time you decide to change that primary Google account on your device, you would be in a tough situation. The only way by which it can be changed is by doing a factory reset (hard reset) that would wipe all the data on your phone, including downloaded apps, settings, SMS and much more. But if you go on a little further with your device and root it, here’s a simple solution using which the primary Google account on your device can be changed without factory reset.

Note – This method only works for rooted Android devices. For non-root devices, this method will not work at all.

How to change the default Google account on your Android device

1. Go ahead and download Root browser lite or any other file browser that can access the root partition on your Android device.

2. After installation, open Root browser and goto /data/system location.

root browser

3. Search for a file named “accounts.db”. Long-press on the file and select delete.



4. That’s it ! Now restart your device.


When you restart your device it will ask you for a Google account to login, just like when you activate your device for the first time.