Catch Notes – Gorgeous Notepad and Collaboration Tool for Android

There are numerous to-do and note taking apps for Android out there. But how about a gorgeous note app that has built-in sync, collaboration, sharing and much more ? Catch for Android is notepad, checklist, voice memo, reminder and much more features in a single app. And who doesn’t like a good-looking productivity app?

Catch is not just any regular note taking app. You need to install the app and and as soon as you login with Google or Facebook, you are ready to capture idea, voice, photo and text. You can jot down notes (obviously), insert voice memo, pictures and so on. You can use it to create reminders, use it as a personal organizer and yes it can be used a drop down to-do list too ! .

You can either create a private space for your own notes or create a collaborative space and start sharing notes, lists, checklists and documents with other people. Catch is your gorgeous looking mobile collaboration center. Catch has all the features of a top-notch note app. You can use the app online as well as offline, it syncs everything instantly for you in the background. Our wishlist for the app is sync feature with Google tasks 🙂

The interface for the app is one of the best looking on android with the circle-bar in the bottom and catchy icons. The app also has a satisfactory list of controls in settings. Be sure to try this app on your Android phone or tablet (Links and screenshots follows).

Download Catch for Android