Appy Geek – Tech News App for Android

There already are many news and RSS reader apps for Android. But if you are always hungry for the latest Technology news from anywhere on the planet (like me), Appy Geek is the Android app for you.
Before we pen down our review of the app, here’s our 2 cents about the app – it works “out-of-the-box”, UI is intuitive like feedly or Pulse reader, the app is pretty responsive and does not lag much and that’s all about it. This is the no-nonsense reader app for the Geeks who just want to read the latest tech news and do not like to fiddle much with their apps.

As soon as the app starts for the first time, some default categories of news are neatly arranged in square icons on the homescreen of the app. Starting from there, you can either start reading the news of your choice, search for articles or topics, or access the settings. Appy Geek is just another news reader app but specializes in Tech news. Some of the noticeable features that set it apart from the crowd of other news readers are:

  1. You can rate every article you read based on your mood. The app then tries to learn and starts cataloging the articles based on your mood. Nice touch there ! But not very useful in my opinion.
  2. There is indeed a setting for switching to/fro night-mode. The app is not just black after all !
  3. Hot topics are also arranged into rotating 3D cube or list for you to browse through.

There is more to this app which you will come to know as you get the hang of the app. But, when comparing this news app with the other popular ones (pulse, feedly, flipboard) Appy Geek lacks a bit here and there. For starters, there is one feature that I would always want to see in a news reader app – It should allow you to add feeds or news from your favorite websites, which are not in the list by default. I fiddled a lot with this app looking for this, but sadly couldn’t find a way to do this. There is a list of content providers in the settings menu, but you cannot add a website which is not there in the list. Maybe a wish list for developers to fulfill ?

As we said earlier, this is a no-nonsense tech news app that we recommend everyone to try. The app is available as free download for both Mobiles and Tablets –

Download Appy Geek for phone

Download Appy Geek for tablets 

Do try out this app and let us know your experience in the comments.