Websites to Generate Funny Meme Online

Rage Comics, Meme, Lolcats and fail pics are too mainstream and popular now on the Internet. Online reports state that websites like 9gag and I Can Haz Cheezburger have wasted million of productive hours this year itself  and I testify the same :D. Everyone in your social circle now reads a lot of memes and shares a lot of them with you on Facebook.

Wikipedia defines a meme like this :

an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.

But to most of us, a meme is just another LOL pic. Memes are always funny, they are usually witty and cool and reading them is the best way to kill your boredom.


Have you ever wondered about where does all these memes come from? Everyday millions of idle and bored people create them and then share these online. To create a witty and funny meme you do not need special Photoshop or designer skills. There already are tons of popular and painless meme generator websites on the Internet, using which even you can easily generate meme from your own idea. We came across a bunch of those funny websites and thought to share the best of them with our readers.

Websites to Create or Generate Meme Online for Free



One of the most popular website to generate meme online. As common with most of the similar websites, this website gives you list of popular characters like conspiracy Keanu Reeves, bad luck Brian, Philoso Raptor, Grumpy cat and others. You just have to select a character, add your own caption and there you have your meme generated instantly !


2. quickmeme

Quickmeme is really quick to use. You can select your favorite meme character or even upload your own image to create a meme.


3. imgflip

IMGFLIP boasts itself as the fastest meme generator on the planet. You have all the options and controls on a single page to generate the meme. Highly recommended !


4. Troll MEME Generator

This website gives you a list of most popular meme characters on the homepage itself. You have to choose a character and your meme will be instantly generated with your caption, giving you the embed code, and direct links to share with anyone.


5. roflbot

Similar in use to other websites but very minimal to start and less user friendly meme generator.



This website packs a lot of popular meme, organized nearly on the homepage, to let you start with. And if you’re not interested in creating a meme, they have their own database of meme that you can browse to kill your time.


7. Cheezeburger LOL Builder

The LOL builder from the creators of Cheezburger has a nice graphical UI and lots of options to create your own funny meme.



One of the cool projects that is hosted on GitHub. It also has one of the fastest set of UI controls on the homepage to create your funny meme. Recommended by us too.