Top Web Apps/Websites to Download MP3 from YouTube Video

YouTube is great to watch and discover new or popular videos. Quite frequently you stumble upon a popular video or the video from your favorite artist or movie, and you wish that you could just listen it forever. This wish can come true only if you can convert your favorite video on YouTube to an MP3 audio file that you can carry around on any device. Yes this is possible and converting any YouTube video to an MP3 audio is very easy. We have given a list of free Web Apps below that you can use to convert any YouTube video to an MP3 audio file.


Steps to use all these Web Apps are almost similar. You just need to copy the URL/link of the video on YouTube that you want to convert –> paste that link into the Convert/Download box and your YouTube video will be converted into an MP3 audio file in no time. After the video is converted, you will be given a direct download link to download the MP3 audio. Can this get any easier?

List of Top Websites to Convert and Download MP3 audio from any YouTube Video :

1. VidToMP3

This web app has a dead simple interface and instantly converts your YouTube to MP3 audio. One downside is that you make have to go through some extra clicks to download the converted video.


2. ListenToYouTube

This website is very similar to VidToMP3 and works quite well too.


3. youtensils

This website is very minimal in looks but you may have to wait a bit for the conversion to complete. It even lets you play the video and listen to audio instantly right from the download page itself.



The best website of the list that works fast and flawlessly. The conversion speed is blazing and is highly recommended.


Do you know about any better website to convert YouTube video to MP3? Or did you had any problem in using these websites? Let us know in the comments.