Google Chrome Offline Installer Link


We all love Google Chrome. We gradually shifted our Internet surfing habits from one browser to another, starting from Internet Explorer –> Mozilla Firefox –> Google Chrome (in that order).

Several reasons for the popularity of Google Chrome are blazing speed, thousands of useful and intuitive extensions, easy sync and lots more. One more reason why people love Google Chrome is the ease-of-installation. You can always goto this link and download one small “online installer” which again downloads the full “offline installer” and installs Google Chrome.

But you can always go ahead and download the full offline standalone installer for Google Chrome from these links :


Full Offline Standalone Installer for Google Chrome :

Download Full Standalone Offline Installer of Google Chrome (for single-user account)

Download Full Standalone Offline Installer of Google Chrome (for multi-user account)

So, next time when you have to re-install Google Chrome or install it on a new machine, you don’t need to download the online installer and repeat the whole process again. Heck ! You don’t even have to be connected to the Internet now to install Google Chrome.

Do not worry about the version of these installers. The above links will always give you the latest version of Google Chrome browser.