List of best Android Tablet apps

Android tablets are not pre-loaded with all the cool apps as iPad is out-of-the-box. But most probably the main reason why you opted for an Android tablet and not an iPad in the first place would surely be the big choice of apps in the Android Marketplace, the apps specially developed for tablets.

With a version of the Android OS specially designed for tablets (Honeycomb) you can be sure to find that perfect app for your specific need, even if it doesn’t come installed with your tablet from the factory. Android Marketplace is big enough for you to hunt down special wallpapers, apps and games that are developed specially for tablets. Plus as the Android philosophy goes “it’s lot more fun to hack your device to suit your own interest and needs”. We will cover all the useful apps for Android tablets in this two-part series.

Top & must have Android apps for Tablets (Honeycomb)

Swiftkey Tablet X (keyboard)


The stock keyboard that comes for Android tablets is fine but you cannot use it for some serious and fast typing. So if you want to be comfortable with typing on your Android tablet, you should definitely give Swiftkey Tablet X a try. This app is as good on Android tablets, as it is on Android phones.

The pros of this app goes endless starting with thumb-typing split keyboard layout which is more comfortable and wider than iPad, cloud based personalization from your Facebook, Twitter and Gmail accounts usage, themes and awesome and accurate prediction. This app is definitely worth $4.99 price tag if you want to go for the full version.

Download Swiftkey Tablet X (free version)

Documents To go (word, excel, powerpoint, pdf viewer)

If you owna tablet, you will often view and create some word documents, spreadsheets or view a presentation on the go. Document To Go is still the best contender for a worthy office app for your Android tablet. You can view and edit native Microsoft documents and attachments and most of the document types are supported. Other significant features of the app include support for password-protected word and excel files and seamless integration of Google docs.

Download Documents To Go

Exodus Live Wallpaper

This is not much of a productivity app but we cannot stop ourselves from recommending it just because of the beauty it is on the Android tablets. This live wallpaper is specially developed for tablets. Not to mention the blocks move and respond to the touch gestures. The live wallpaper provides endless settings for the color of blocks, the animation of blocks, no of blocks, lighting and so on.

Download Exodus Live wallpaper

Evernote (note taking)

We cannot stress enough, how wonderful evernote is for mobile devices (though it is also available for desktops now). Seamless syncing of all your notes, across all your devices and on all the platforms, what more can you ask for? Create notes by typing, writing, photos, audio and the list goes on. This is another must have for your Android tablet.

Download Evernote

Quill (note taking, graphics especially for tablets)

Quill is a popular note taking app for Android tablets, that’s worth a mention. As from it’s first look, the app is meant for sketching serious graphics and has good support for the varieties of pen support on tablets. Other serious features are support for hardware graphics acceleration, pen only mode, two-finger move gesture, support for PDF and PNG export and so on.

Download Quill


Business Calendar

For a business professional working on the go with an Android tablet, Business Calendar is a must app to keep track of all the schedules. It has fully scroll-able and zoom-able multiday view. Other functionalities include quickly fadein/fadeout calendars using favorite bar, drag and drop, many options for recurring events, search function, configurable widget and lots more.

Download Business Calendar

Pulse (news reader)

Pulse is a beautiful rss/news reader for your Android tablet that transforms your news reading experience. It  takes news from your favorite websites and mashes them into colorful and  interactive mosaic. It is the most interactive and beautiful news reader you can find for your tablet.

Download Pulse

File Manager HD

An android device always has a need for a file manager, which is usually not shipped pre-loaded from factory. Apart from being a usual file manger for your Android tablet with the ability to move, copy, cut and paste the files around, it also justifies the wide screen of your tablet with it’s multipaned and intutive interface.

Download File Manager HD