Top Free Grooveshark Apps for Android

Grooveshark apps for Android

Grooveshark is one of the most popular online music streaming service.  While you can enjoy it for free over it’s sleek HTML5 web interface from your PC or laptop, there is no official app in the marketplace to enjoy the same on your Android phone.

But still if you cannot resist streaming the free and quality music from Grooveshark on your Android phone, here are some very irresistible and worthy contenders:

Update: None of the official or unofficial apps for Grooveshark work now on Android. TinyTunes is a new Android, made by the creators of popular TinyShark app, which lets you download almost any song you want in various formats and bitrate quality. The developers of the TinyTunes clearly state

NOTE: This application does not use Grooveshark in any way.

TinyTunes has a very similar interface to TinyShark. It let’s you search for songs, stream them and then download if you would like to. The app also has nicely created categories like iTunes Top 10, Top Electronic music, Top Holiday music and so on.




TinyTunes (2)


Download TinyTunes from playstore

1. TinyShark

TinyShark app in the Android market is one of the most simple and yet effective app when you want to stream online music from Grooveshark for free on your Android phone.


The interface is dead simple and you simply have to download the app and let it work until it shows “Connected” with the green light on the top bar. You can search for any song right from the first start page of the app or search from the list of most popular songs on Grooveshark. After you’re done selecting the songs you can simply queue them or either create a playlist and then listen to them. As simple as that.

But wait there’s more. If you are hooked to some cool song, cannot stop listening to a track or relentlessly trying to search and download a popular song, here’s a sister app for that on Android. TinShark Downloader is almost the same-looking app for Android as TinyShark but you can search and download any track from Grooveshark for free [say no to piracy]. The downloads are quick and the audible quality of songs is good. Both just work out of the box.

Download TinyShark

Download TinyShark Downloader

2. Dood’s Music Streamer

dood's music streamer

Dood’s music streamer is another app for Android that streams unlimited music from Grooveshark for free. It also works flawlessly for streaming music from Grooveshark but one noticeable feature in this app is the radio mode. The feature reads your taste of streaming music and adds similar music automatically to your current playlist. You can like and dislike the songs to help it better understand your taste. The UI of this app is certainly better than TinyShark with albumart of the songs and resembles much more like a proper music app for Android phones.

Download Dood’s Music Streamer


Easter egg: Official Grooveshark app for Android

Grooveshark had  released it’s official app for Android, which was removed from the Android Marketplace in 2011. But still if you want to give the official app a try, you can download the same.



Update 1: The direct download links are no longer active. But if you want to download the official Grooveshark app for Android, you can visit the below link on your Android Phone/Tablet:

Update 2: TinyShark, TinyShark downloader and Dood’s Music streamer are no longer active in Google Playstore. You can use the below alternate links to download them:

Download TinyShark

Download TinyShark Downloader

Download Dood’s Music Streamer / Alternate Link

Let us know in the comments, if we have missed any other awesome app for streaming music from Grooveshark on Android.