Droplr – An easy way to share files, links and screenshots

Wouldn’t it be great if you can have power of sharing a file or an image in an easier way? Would’t it be great if you can save a lot of your time while doing the same? Here comes the Droplr app to rescue.

Not to mention with the power of Cloud storage, this app can come handy for sharing screenshots, links or any type of file. Apart from have a tiny installer (1 Mb in size) for windows and Mac (2Mb), this handy app can be used in various useful ways (like we used it for screenshots below).  In this article we will show you more details about this useful and awesome app.

Before proceeding, at the time of writing this post, the following are the short details for app :

Website :  http://droplr.com
Version : 2.0.2
Operating System Supported : Windows/Mac
License Type : Free to use ( Ads on sharing page only!)
Cloud Storage : 1 GB for Free User.

Features :-

  1. File Sharing : Sharing a file is very easy with Droplr. You can either upload by dragging a file to your browser or by dragging it to the droplr zone. After successful uploading it will give you link to share the same. If it is hard for you, Copy (CTRL+C) the file you want to share, then right click on droplr zone, and click “upload from clipboard”

  1. Image Sharing : Same way as file sharing . It can be configured to share screenshot with certain key combination.
  2. Text Sharing : Just right click and click on compose note.
  3. Link Sharing : Copy the link you want to share, then right click on droplr zone, and click “upload from clipboard”
  4. Cloud Computing : You get free storage of 1GB with free account.

 Isn’t this app amazing? Let us know if you like it, by leaving your comment(s)