Check if your Android Phone can be upgraded to Android 4.0

The announcement of the latest and the most anticipated version of Android, Android 4.0 aka ICS (Ice cream sandwich), has again caught the attention of all the Android lovers round the globe.

Be it any smartphone, iOS based or Android based or any other (basically the global smartphone arena revolves around two), it is only as much usable and as interesting as is the frequency of its updates and latest new features that it can bring in to the users.


Being a proud owner of HTC Wildfire myself, even I am excited as to what all the features and magic can Android 4.0 bring in to my device. Sadly, my Wildfire never received an official OTA update after Android 2.2 (Froyo). Being practical to the specs of HTC Wildfire, you cannot even expect it to support ICS (728 Mhz and less than 512 MB Ram), so I am not expecting to see Android 4.0 on my device. But most of the users who are flaunting their high-end Android phones are certainly waiting for the ICS updates on their phone.

If you have any Android phone you should definitely check, rather than assuming, if your phone is expected to receive an official update to Android 4.0 or not. Thankfully, computerworld has recently posted an updated and comprehensive list of Android phones which are confirmed to get an ICS upgrade from their manufacturers. So go there, check out and wait patiently if your Android phone is still not on the list. No patience? CyanogenMod to the rescue !

Source : Comprehensive ICS 4.0 upgrade list