Amazon’s Android Appstore quietly enters India


Android lovers in India have one more reason now to huddle and cuddle with your lovely Android gadgets, and with that cute droid bot (maybe) ! Now you can access the Amazon Android appstore on your mobiles and tablets legally, without any hack.

Amazon appstore for Android has got huge popularity since its launch, partly due to better visibility and categorization of apps and party thanks to “a deal a day”, in which the Amazon appstore offers one Android app either for free or at dirt cheap price daily. The appstore also packs a feature in which you can test drive any app right inside your web browser in a fully fledged simulator. Neat eh? Apart from all those bells and whistles, the appstore is also nicely integrated with website.

The appstore, since its launch, was only accessible to users in the United States. But just today many people noticed that the Amazon appstore has quietly opened the doors for the users in India too. So, go ahead and type in the web browser on your Android device. This would download the appstore app on your device and then you’re good to login with your existing account. Enjoy !

[via Digital Inspiration]