Creative ways in which Businesses are using Tablets

Tablets have become extremely useful tools in business of late. Businesses are now using mobile devices to gather data on customer habits as well as equipping staff with them when they are working remotely or on-the-go. In this post we are going to cover some of the creative ways in which businesses are leveraging the power of tablets to boost productivity and profits.


Interactive ordering systems

Taking an example, Incentient, a company that deals with guest services for hotels, are now offering user interfaces that can be viewed and controlled using an iPad. With them, customers can place food and drink orders with just a few taps on their iPad. How cool is that?

One of the best things about Incentient is that it has pairing suggestions when it comes to wine, so users who want to dine with a good bottle of red won’t have to do any research of their own. Incentient’s software allows businesses to monitor exactly what users are touching on the screen to give them better options in the future.

Equipping Concierges

Another company leveraging tablets, InterContinental Hotels and Resorts, have their concierge areas fitted with iPads. The reason for this is to allow employees to point customers in the right direction without making a phone call to a certain department. With the use of a popular tablet like iPad, concierge attendants have everything they need in addressing a customer’s query, from the current available types of rooms to the daily specials at the hotel’s restaurant.

Casino gaming anywhere

Slot machines have long been the most popular gaming platform in the world, even before the digital gaming platforms were popular. They continue to thrive because they evolve, both in terms of software and hardware. A couple of decades ago, all slot machines used to have the same kind of display: fruit symbols, bars, and 7 symbols on the reels. Today, however, they’re much more contemporary and in-tuned with pop culture. Slot machines now carry with them the commercial license of some of the most popular sci-fi movies or cartoon characters and are equipped with better designs and animation. This is true for both land-based as well as online slot machines that feature games from Marvel such as Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Spiderman and so on. Playing slots was made even better when gaming companies decided to port them to tablets so that players could play them even when they’re on mobile devices.

There are many other uses for tablets like iPad and businesses are sure to find creative ways to integrate them to make their business more efficient in the future. What would you like to see tablets used for in the future? Let us know your thoughts below.