Daily hack to save money on Medicines in India.

Quality of Health care system in India is very poor. With not enough and proper treatment at government hospital, many people opt for private clinics. Although doctor in these clinics are expert in their area, but the medicine they prescribe is kind of costly.

Recently one of our friend visited to a doctor’s clinic and prescribed medicine worth almost 20% of his income. So in this article we will see how to get cheap medicine genuinely without having any knowledge. More over you will come to know more about medicine you have been prescribed.

To get started, you can install Healthkart plus app on your Android mobile from here, else you can access healthkart plus website at https://www.healthkartplus.com/

After opening android app, search for your medicine. After getting result of your medicine click on your prescribed medicine for more information. You will be shown information about your medicine. You can click alternate tab in app for getting alternate medicine for the same. You may notice some alternate medicines are available at really cheaper rate. If you are using website for accessing HealthKart Plus, just check on right hand side of the website for alternate medicine suggestions.

health kart plus app (1) health kart plus app (2) healthkart plus website

Credits : Health Kart Plus.

P.S. : You can purchase original medicines from Health Kart Plus website too which is available on great discount. 😉