Create Mobile Application in Few Clicks

With smart devices like mobile, tablets becoming affordable day by day, it is considered as essential commodity in every one’s life. There is significant growth of data over these smart devices in past few year. With everyone possessing a smart device, it is consider a smart move to launch application for your website.

Problem arises while creating mobile application when one is not able to fund for developer or don’t have knowledge of Mobile platform programming. To over come this problem, we at TechyLab though to share few useful sites and software which can help to create mobile application in few clicks without knowing any programming.

Before proceeding further, it give an intense pleasure to announce TechyLab application for Android, you can Download TechyLab Application from Play Store by searching for TechyLab.

AppYet – App Creator

Website : AppYet – App Creator

Platform Supported* : Android

Price* : Free / Paid

Description : You can create professional looking Android app with this website. The service come with option of Free and Paid. With Paid version you can remove ads from application. In paid version you can also create application for selling on Market. Paid version also comes with technical support from the website. Free user need not to worry, because there is google support community for it 🙂



Website  : Mippin

Platform Supported* : Android, iOS, Windows Phone, HTML5 apps

Price* : Paid

Description : You can create application for Android, iOS and Windows Phone in one go at Mippin. Basically pricing is a bit higher then compared to AppYet, also it doesn’t comes with many features. You can get same feature for free with Intel HTML5 App creator too. Hence we didn’t found this site much useful.

Intel XDK

Intel XDK

Website : Interl XDK

Platform Supported* : Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Tizen, and many others

Price* : Free

Description : Interl XDK is one of the best application available to create application for multiple device in one go. It basically convert a HTML5 app to mobile application. The only drawback about this app is that it require active internet connection for compiling/building the application, but considering the service is free, it is best for creating application. As this software support HTML5, hence you can use jquery and css mixed to create nifty apps.


Como App Maker

Como App Maker

Website : Commo App Maker

Platform Supported* : Android, iOS, HTML5

Price* : Free / Paid

Description : With very intuitive web interface Como App Maker is very easy to use app creator. The free version doesn’t comes with app submission, and push notification. In field of easiness and intuitive UI, Como App maker wins the race.



* At the time of writing. Check official website of the service for latest information.