Easier Way to Manage Wi-Fi Network Profile in Windows 8.1

Users shifting from earlier version of Windows (Windows 7 or earlier) find a little difficulty in managing everyday tasks with Windows 8 UI . With the new intuitive UI, Windows 8 has many hidden settings which users are still not aware of.

If you had connected to a Wi-FI network on Windows 8 and the password has been changed for the network, you are caught with a difficult problem of changing the password on your Windows 8 laptop. In this post we are going to cover one of the hidden settings which will help you to manage WiFi networks on your laptop easily, without using any text command.

As per the official Windows documentation, you can manage network connections on your computer using “netsh” command and more info on it can be found on Microsoft Support website. We are going to make things easier for you and show you how to use the GUI method to manage the WiFi networks.

To get started, access “Network” setting via Charms Menu > Change PC Setting

PC Setting Windows 8.1

or you can directly access Network setting by Clicking on Network icon in Start Bar, and selecting “View Connection Settings

Network Popup Windows 8.1


After getting to the Network Setting Page, click “Manage Known Networks” under Wi-Fi heading.

Network Setting Window 8.1 - 1


Select the desired network you want to manage.

Network Setting Window 8.1 - 2


Click on Forget.

Network Setting Window 8.1 - 3


Now you can connect to the Wi-Fi network with new password or settings. Enjoy !