How to Disable UAC Alert for Specific Startup Applications

User Account Control (UAC) is a feature in Microsoft Windows 7 and above versions, that can help you stay in control of your computer by informing you when a program makes a change that requires administrator level permission. UAC works by adjusting the permission level of your user account.

Though UAC is nice feature which provides an extra layer of security to your computer, but sometimes it become an annoying situation when you see a UAC pop-up even for a frequently used program that is launched on Windows startup. Disabling UAC prompt entirely can prove out to be very bad for the security of your computer and hence is high discouraged. In this article we are going to find a solution of disabling UAC prompt for specific application, rather than changing UAC setting globally. 

For demonstration, we are going to use UnoHelper application by UnoTelly. We have covered about UnoTelly’s UnoDNS service earlier. You can change UAC setting for program by following these easy 12 steps.

Step 1: Launch “Schedule Tasks”. You can find Schedule Tasks in Control panel or you can use Windows 8 metro search option.
UAC Disable Step  - 1


Step 2: Locate New Folder in right panel of “Schedule Tasks”. Although you can skip to step 4 directly, but we recommend you to create folder for easy identification of your changes.


UAC Disable Step  - 2


Step 3: Give name to folder which is easy for you to remember and understand.


UAC Disable Step  - 3


Step 4: Right click on empty pane of the folder and select “Create New Task…”


UAC Disable Step  - 4


Step 5: Give a name to the Task. Check the “Run with highest privileges” option.


UAC Disable Step  - 5


Step6: Click on Trigger tab and hit “New…” button for creating new trigger.
UAC Disable Step  - 6


Step 7: Create your desired trigger. In our case we created trigger to run at log on with any user.
UAC Disable Step  - 8


Step8: Go to “Actions” tab and click on “New…” button.
UAC Disable Step  - 9


Step 9: Create new action by selecting option from drop down menu. In our case we selected Start a program.
UAC Disable Step  - 10


Step 10: Click on browse to locate the desired application
UAC Disable Step  - 11


Step 11 : Choose your desired option in Conditions and Setting Tab.
UAC Disable Step  - 13
UAC Disable Step  - 14


Step 12: Open Task Manager and go to “Startup” tab. Disable the desired application.

Disable strartup Application in Task Manager

And from next reboot your application will be run without UAC prompt !