How to Post Animated GIFs on Twitter

Who doesn’t like animated GIFs. Interwebs is floating full with those funny animated GIFs. Till date Google plus was the only social networking site allowing animated GIF to be shared. I still remember my parents, who are not so technologically advanced, joined G+ only for sake of animated GIF.

Recently Twitter has also launched uploading of animated GIFs. So now you can upload any animated GIF on Twitter. But there is a catch when you upload animated GIF on twitter. As per the guys at Embedly Blog,uploaded GIF on Twitter is not kept in GIF format, it is kept in MP4 format.

Hence the GIF you upload will be a type of video you upload on Twitter but without any sound. We at TechyLab Laboratory have done few experiments and found that this is an awesome idea to convert any gif to MP4.

Screenshot from 2014-06-20 18:29:27

Why this Idea is great? :

  • In our experiment, we uploaded a 500KB test GIF which after conversion was reduced to the size of 50KB! So effectively it will save bandwidth of the user.
  • Till now there was no effective way to pause the GIF while it was playing. Pausing GIF is an important featureĀ because animated GIFs sometimes cause distraction. In this case user will have control when he wants GIF to be played.
  • Playing MP4 media is supported by many modern browsers capable of displaying HTML5 Content. Apart from desktop browsers, we also checked the Official Twitter app for Android, it also support the same. Neat!
wpid-wp-1403269353655.png wpid-wp-1403269359324.png
  • As the size of uploaded file is reduced considerably, there will be less memory load on both client browser and Twitter’s servers. Hence it can be win win situation for both the customer and Twitter.