How To Reset Firefox Browser

Firefox is a great browser in itself and has a large fan following. But quite frequently we tend to bloat up our favorite browser with unwanted addons. This not only the cause of slowness of Firefox but also causes Firefox to crash a lot. It is very frustrating when we are working on the middle of something important and Firefox either hangs or crash. But a bloated browser shouldn’t be a reason for your hatred.

Although you can try manually to remove all the addons, clear history etc. but this doesn’t mean that it will restore your Firefox settings to default or fix it. There may be some hidden setting left in your Firefox installation which can still cause Firefox to hang or crash. Here is how you can reset Firefox completely to its factory setting.

Step 1: To get started click on Firefox Menu.

Step 2: Click on Help (Question Mark Icon) from the bottom.

Help Menu in Firefox Main Menu in Firefox

Step 3: Click on Troubleshoot Information

Troubleshoot Information Firefox

Step 4: Clicking on Troubleshoot Information will open about:support page. You can alternatively skip Step 1 to Step 3 and open about:support page too. After the page is open click on Reset Firefox, which you can find on right hand side of the page.

About Support page in Firefox

Step 5: Confirm Reset Firefox option from the popup by pressing reset Firefox.

Reset Firefox ConfirmAfter clicking Reset Firefox, Firefox will closed down and start resetting the browser.

Importing Firefox


After restoration process is completed you will be greeted with following page.

After Screen

Simply ignore it and click on close. Congrats! now you have reset your Firefox successfully.

Best part about this process is that this will not delete your bookmark, history, cookies or saved form(s)/password(s). Quite handy right?