How To SuperCharge Your Favorite Browser by Installing UserScript plugin

Modern browsers are smart and great but a little bit of fine tuning can result in increase of your online productivity. There are Addons or Extensions for web browsers which add functionality but adding a lot of them may results in bloating your browser which causes slow response time and poor browsing experience. In case you don’t want to slowdown your browsing  experience, you can always look forward for user scripts for your browser.

In this post we will cover installation and how to get started with user script addon or extension on Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. User script not only helps in customizing the way how a webpage is displayed or behave, but they can also add almost all functionalities that an Addon or Extension can provide without degrading your web browser.


To install User Script on Firefox, you need to install GreaseMonkey addon first. You can install it from Firefox Add on Directory.

Click on Download Now and it will proceed with the installation. If asked, you might need to restart your browser to proceed with the installation.

Firefox Greasemonkey Installation

Google Chrome

Head over to Tampermonkey extension which you can find at Chrome Store. Click on +FREE sign on top of the page and continue with installation

Google Chrome tampermonkey Extension


Click here to install Tampermonkey add on for Opera. Click on Add to Opera button to install the add on.

Opera tampermonkey addon installation


Getting started with User Script

After installing the addon or extension for your browser, you can browse lots of interesting User Scripts at . At the writing of this post, userscript site was having issues and was not available directly. It was available over its mirror site at

Alternatively you can also find many User Scripts on and

To install any user script, click on install script from their respective page. After clicking on install, the script will open in new tab asking your permission to Install or cancel.

Chrome User Script Installation Firefox User Script Installation Opera User Script Installation
Confirmation on Chrome Confirmation on Firefox Confirmation on Opera

In upcoming article we will cover many useful user scripts to enhance your browsing experience. So till then keep visiting TechyLab!